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Advertising on Garage Magazine

Why advertise on Garage Magazine?

- Garage Magazine is the most representative magazine on graffiti culture and street forms in Italy.
- It's distributed worldwide.
- The editorial-to-advertising ratio is around 90% to 10%: most magazines devote more than half of their content to   advertising. In Garage Magazine, your ad gets noticed, not drowned out by competitors.
- We are a semi-annual, which means your ad stays visible longer.
- Our reader has a strong collector mentality and often Garage Magazine issues become a collectors item.

Readers profile

Gender: 75% Male / 25% Female
Ages: 14 - 35 years old, mostly between 16 - 26
Ratio Italian/foreign readers: 1 to 3
Most live in urban or suburban area.


If you want to know something more about the Garage Magazine world and if you want a deeper overview on our targets drop us a line. We shall be happy to answer your questions in reasonable time.
We shall be more than happy to send you the MediaKit with prices, deadlines and everything your comany need to know, too.

Garage Magazine Advertising office
galleria Manzoni 28 - 27100
Pavia - Italy
Tel ++39 0382 539804
Fax ++39 0382 531965
e-mail: ads@garagemagazine.net

Contact Garage Magazine

Garage Magazine

Editorial office
galleria Manzoni 28, 27100
Pavia - Italy
Fax ++39 0382 531965
email: info@garagemagazine.net


Plusstudio snc - Pavia - Italy



General Inquiries





Garage Magazine
CP 65 - 27100 Pavia - Italy
(only letters and small packs, please)

Contact distributors

Distribution in Italy for street wear stores


Distribution in Italy for bookstores

Cities: Ancona - Ascoli Piceno - Bari - Bergamo - Brescia - Brindisi - Como - Cremona - Firenze - Genova - Lecce - Milano - Monza - Modena - Napoli - Padova - Palermo - Parma - Pavia - Perugia - Pescara - Roma - Salerno San Benedetto del Tronto - Siena - Torino - Treviso - Udine - Venezia - Verona - Vicenza

Distribution in USA and Canada for news stands


Worldwide distribution


This is a short list of countries where you can find Garage Magazine:
Australia, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Swiss, Sweden, Uk, Usa.

If you can't find it in your store, please contact us at info@garagemagazine.net

Grog Ink

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